Sunday, November 14, 2010

veteran quotes Administration officials

In essence veteran quotes create high rankings for protecting individual freedoms, which unfortunately become unrecognized by Daniels or managers of veteran quotes Administration officials.

In essence veteran quotes rank high enough through preferences for committing sacrificed service. In essence Staff Sgt. Philip Collins understood sacrifice as other veterans understand sacrifice through respective and courage's meritorious service.

On the other hand, honorable veterans, who understand sacrifice, seek positions within the Veteran Administrations (VA), high-ranking employees inside the VA seek outside assistance for fixing GI bill payment disasters; high-ranking VA employees steal from homeless veterans; high-ranking VA employees require same veteran applicants applying for same position multiple times; high-ranking VA employees collect bonuses as veterans await benefit payments; high-ranking VA employees position files ready for shredding even as veterans are suffering. In essence high-ranking employees within the VA create incomprehensible and insulting decisions to qualified and honorable veterans. For instance, honorable and high-ranking veterans apply for positions within the VA organization, who desire toward making a difference using individual veteran training and aligned experiences. In addition when using veteran experiences, veterans can relate toward other veterans through similar experiences exposed throughout military service. Unfortunately, when veterans such as I or others apply toward positions within the VA, veterans such as I receive insults such as "not ranking high enough or "decisions not made," whereas high-ranking VA employees collect bonuses for delayed decisions. Furthermore, can delayed hiring practices or multiple submittals contribute toward a veteran's homeless society? Similarly, placing a cap on hiring veterans currently at 30% seems unsound when veterans provide 100% service toward protecting America's freedom.

Nonetheless, as honorable veterans attempt toward securing a VA position, other high-ranking VA workers manage stealing from homeless veterans. For instance, veteran stand downs are for veterans providing veterans with uplift and encouragement, which will add spirit toward veteran quotes personality. Unfortunately, as homeless veterans seek desired goods, high-ranking VA employees find means toward reclaiming such goods. As stated by Scott (2009), "How can a VA employee believe that something donated to a homeless veteran belongs to them?" Unfortunately, as stated by Scott (2009), "..In essence high-ranking and confiscated-goods employees receive amnesty as capable and honorable veterans receive homelessness.

Nevertheless, as honorable veterans endeavor toward securing a VA position, high-ranking VA employees focus toward retirement, collecting bonuses, or positioning files ready for shredding as veterans are suffering or awaiting benefits. In essence high-ranking employees cannot locate basic records for implied low-ranking veterans. Furthermore, denied employment for capable and honorable veterans will delay future processing decisions. As additionally stated by a veteran:

In essence achieving veteran homelessness shows appreciation toward veteran quotes community. Additionally, as stated by another veteran:

My local VAMC has 29% veterans. In conclusion, honorable veterans seek positions within the VA organization using education and experiences, which are relevant toward other veterans. In addition, when veterans helping veterans exists, then relevant experiences can take place. Furthermore, when a desired goal toward reducing veteran homelessness becomes a viable mission, then veteran helping, veteran quotes becomes a solution.

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