Monday, November 22, 2010

Distance learning education for working

Distance learning is a valid and appropriate, internationally recognized, relatively inexpensive, convenient, efficient and enjoyable way to study for professional and new skills and learn new tools and techniques.

All professions now require that their internal management and external specialists and consultants and advisors are experienced enough and can be up to date qualifications. It is the world of professional development. If you are a manager, experts, specialists are working for an organization, public, private, charity, NGO, family business, large or small, is what is expected of you. If you are an entrepreneur, consultant, independent, professional are, you are supposed to be able to get you to prove you are continually developing your knowledge base and know-how. Distance learning is a good choice for the CPD.

The growth of distance learning has an area has been exponential. UNESCO's 2002 report emphasized the role that distance education plays not only in developing countries but in developed countries. It describes distance learning "as a force that is to the social and economic development, open learning and distance education are an accepted and essential part of most education systems in developed countries and developing countries" in the distance, USA, is well established and learning now open, not only to work, older students, but it is interesting for students. In 2003, he estimated that "more than 30% of schools offer courses on the Internet and video conferencing." U.S. Education Department analysts are forecasting a doubling of the period of 5 years, over 60% of U.S. schools offer distance learning courses. In Africa, the continent is quickly overcome distance learning classroom study with predictions that by 2010 there are more than 10 million working people who will study at a distance. In 2004, students enrolled in correspondence courses with the Open University, Indira Gandhi, India, totaling more than $ 400,000. In addition to the evidence provided by the exponential, the massive growth happening and will continue to accept employer in the world distance learning skills equally credible with classrooms. In most professions, like accounting, engineering, education, distance learning has been firmly established. In disciplines such as project management, quality management, supply chain management, marketing, distance learning is fast as a very credible alternative to the provision is growing in the classroom. In fact, for professionals in project management, consulting, quality management and accounting, the study of distance education and now dominates is the preferred choice of most professionals. Examples of how well the acceptance of the employer is established by global giants like Microsoft, Dell, British Airways, General Motors, Reliance, HSBC and Nissan have all made available easily recruit qualified distance learning. In education, most leading universities offer courses on all continents of class and distance education delivered. Business schools, colleges, universities, private and public are to accept all distance learning qualifications meet the admission requirements for students who are at a higher level of education (which can often be by distance learning!).

How acceptable is distance learning? Quite acceptable. For younger children, work, development manager, specialists, carefully selected distance course is entirely appropriate and entirely credible. For older, working, mature, experienced.

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