Friday, October 29, 2010

My personal experience of training courses online

Online courses are relatively cool in the education sector. Many of us do not even know what they think of him. Who wrote this kind of education that can get you do not provide the proper education without experience of the daily interaction with your professors and colleagues. They also say that the actual course of the work is substandard. More recently, experts debunk these arguments. There is a growing industry with reliable institutions increasingly offer online courses and employers more and more people are positive view of this extent. This is an issue that is particularly interesting for me because I for both types of universities, Web and traditional Tong. Some of my personal experiences.

When I was a novice, I went to a traditional college. Even if I saw them every day, I almost never talked to other students in the class, and I can honestly say I have never spoken a word to the teachers. I was sitting in class courses and angry stipulate that I can quickly forget that I left the conference room. At home, I often find the questions I did not understand. I think the questions he would ask too late. In other words, I do not feel that I make the most of my classes this way.

The year after I started online courses. It is perhaps surprising, but when I have attended courses on the Internet, I really had much contact with my teachers and classmates. If I have an e-mail to my teachers, they often come back to me within 24 hours. You know the saying: "There are no stupid questions Well, I always feel like my questions were stupid, and I could never ask in front of 200 other students in a lecture hall, but ask to continue with my computer, I could and?.. Discuss with classmates on the Internet or by phone so much more fun for me, I have to say no problem. In fact, I found it so much easier to connect to my computer I decided to stay and end of a four- -year program on the Web. It's like night and day.

I must admit though, that the course was difficult, I think, harder than a traditional university. For one thing, you do not get together every day, so you have to keep on track. If you are too lazy or prone to loosening up, it can be quite difficult to keep up with things on your own.

But, just like your normal school experience, you will learn with. Once you make it, all this himself, it is much easier. My GPA has increased since I started doing the online courses. I think the reason that I have all the information here for me to manage my computer. The way it all together makes you much easier. In fact, you can work to your class. I have never done so well in the lecture. I always felt I was time to write out everything the professor said, and then I did not know anything about him when he took a quiz on us.

The other thing is that I have more time because I did not come and go on campus, and I can the material if it convenient for me to write.

After all that I wanted more students who had a similar experience to me. So I'm over the Internet and search for forums and similar sites. I wanted people who are both on to find like me. What I found was that most people were much more satisfied with their educational experience on the Web and offline. The reasons are largely related to me. It is ironic that we have to communicate more easily, but this seems to be consensus.

The only weakness of online courses is that they are no lighter than the regular college studies. In fact, it is much more complicated at first, especially if you are like me, not organized around a typical person. Suddenly I realized that I worry about handling and stuff had to take me and I just decided to organize themselves in one way or another. I do not know if I ever, but with time I've spent the routine used online. I had to learn a little self-discipline.

A key success factor in the educational context is to be able to motivate themselves. I really do not know whether this kind of approach to learning is something for everyone. You must be motivated, determined and tenacious. It can work for some people to go to a regular school, where they must attend classes regularly preferred. My recommendation to you is that you look carefully and see if it for you.

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